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Storage equipment

A significant application area for well heads and valves by Negawa Flow Limited is the surface area equipment of underground gas stores. Similar to crude oil storage, natural gas is stored in geological formations that are suitable for this purpose.

Storage provides assurance regarding the bridging of possible supply shortages, as well as seasonal demand equalization.

The challenge of storing the gas medium under high pressure has had the effect of the Negawa Flow Limitesd company becoming one of the primary suppliers for storage projects over the last few years.

Over the course of many millions of years enormous salt deposits formed in the northwest of Germany.  The available salt is seal tight, as compared to hydrocarbons, and it is preferably used for storage for that reason.  To establish a sufficiently large hollow space, the so-called cavern, water is injected via a bore hole. The salt is dissolved by the water, and then extracted. This process can take several years. Once the desired storage volume is reached, the cavern is equipped for the first filling and the subsequent gas storage.

The illustration to the left displays a gas cavern head by the Negawa Limited company. A brine decanting head is located in the upper third for the duration of the first filling.  Within it a pipe strand is suspended that reaches to the bottom of the cavern. The gas is stored in the remaining annular space and it displaces the salt water through the suspended strand from the cavern. The temporarily installed head is subsequently removed and can be reused on other caverns. The well head remains on the cavern for gas operations.  The described components are designed for continuous use over about 30 years.  Only then is an exchange or a revision necessary. The experiences of half a century, as well as continuous continued development in cooperation with customers makes it possible to produce gas tight components with such exceptional service life. And always, the customer’s special requests and requirements are taken into account and implemented, while all regulations and norms are adhered to.