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Centrifugal compressor is a compressor, compression of gas on the wheel which is carried out by the action of centrifugal forces of inertia on the mass of air entrained in rotary motion in conjunction with the compressor wheel.

The centrifugal compressor is mainly composed of a housing and a rotor having a shaft with symmetrically arranged impellers.

Centrifugal compressor-is a device necessary for compression and supply of various gases under pressure. Compression of the gas on the compressor wheel is carried out by the action of centrifugal inertia forces on the masses of air, carried away in a rotational motion in conjunction with the compressor wheel. This technological device has a fairly simple design and consists mainly of a rotor and housing. Modern centrifugal compressors can be hermetic or open drive, single or double

The air cooling system in devices of this type can be both external and internal, carried out by means of air or water. In combination with high-quality components and a mechanical part of high durability, the centrifugal compressor favourably differs in convenience of service, compactness and reliability. We should also note the low operating costs.

The main advantages of such a device as a centrifugal compressor are a longer period of time between repairs, compared to other types of compressors, and the supply of air that does not contain traces of oil. The latter is very important because it prevents the possibility of contamination of the system, eliminates the problems associated with the organization of pollution disposal, reduces the risk of ignition of pipelines and filter maintenance costs.

Parameters of centrifugal compressors:

Performance on suction, m3/hour — 7200…the 144,000

Maximum operating pressure of the ISB., MPa – up to 0,16

High efficiency (approximately 85%), which varies slightly when operating in partial load mode

Surge protection-a steep curve of performance in the coordinates of the pressure/ performance, which guarantees stability and protection from the surge

Performance management-performance management by the blade diffuser or inlet guide device (VNA), as well as a combination of the above methods

The control system is designed to maximize operational efficiency across the entire operating range

Maximum efficiency of the compressor system — the overall efficiency of the system is maintained at the maximum level through the use of the distributed load management philosophy.