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General industrial

Cantilever pumps – are designed for pumping chemically active and neutral media with a hydrogen index pH=4…9 and a temperature up to 70°C (oil supply, light oil products, chemically active and slightly aggressive liquids that can cause corrosion of the pump flow part material no more than 0.1 mm/year, as well as neutral liquids).

Feed pumps – are intended for a water supply of the stationary steam boilers of the thermal power plants working at organic fuel and for a water supply to waste boilers of power plants with steam-gas and steam-power installations. Pumps centrifugal, horizontal, multistage with unilateral arrangement of impellers, single-hull or double-hull, driven by an electric motor. The pumps are designed for constant and variable speed operation. Support of the rotor – bearings with ring or forced lubrication. End seals of oil seal or end type.

Horizontal pump – is intended for injection water into oil-bearing strata in order to maintain in-situ pressure during oil production in oil fields for pumping oil and oil products through trunk, process and auxiliary pipelines for pumping water solutions of mono – or diethanolamines in installations of natural gas cleaning from hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide Pumps are centrifugal, horizontal, multistage single-casing, sectional type.

Horizontal double inlet pumps – Are intended for pumping of condensate in steam-water networks of the power plants working at organic fuel, and also the liquids similar to condensate on viscosity, chemical activity and the maintenance of solid particles for giving of water with temperature to 165°C to feed pumps of power blocks of thermal power plants for ensuring their unsavitational work, for pumping of water in thermal networks, for transportation of oil and oil products on the main pipelines, to supply boiler fuel (heavy pyrolysis resin) to the plant for the production of high-pressure polyethylene, to work as retaining or small trunk pumps, pumping oil and petroleum products, as well as pumps for intra-Park pumping, railway loading racks and marine terminals, for irrigation and drainage, pumping water in water supply systems of industrial and municipal facilities.

Vertical pumps/strong> –there are two main versions: for dry or wet installation. Vertical pumps for dry installation are designed to supply water to steam boilers of low productivity, for pumping condensate waste, heating steam stationary steam turbines, used in water treatment equipment, for pumping water in heat and water supply systems. The pump is centrifugal, vertical, sectional, one or two-part, multi-stage, driven by an electric motor. Vertical pumps for the wet plant are designed for supplying turbine oil to the oil supply and control systems of turbine units. They can also be used for pumping various oils similar in physical and chemical properties to turbine oil in stationary conditions, for pumping oil and oil products leaks and for transporting oil pumping station to the inlet pipeline, for pumping raw municipal, industrial, storm and other sewage waters with temperatures up to 40°C.

Parameters of centrifugal pumps for General industrial use:

Feed: 0.5 to 13000 m3/h
Head: 1 to 5000 m
Viscosity: 0.01 to 500 cSt
Density: 300 to 3500 kg / m3
Temperature of pumped liquid: from -60 to + 550°C
The permissible content of impurities: from 0.1 to 30 %
The size of the impurities: from 0.01 mm to 3 mm.
Body pressure: 6 to 500 bar (higher pressure on request))
Shaft seal: gland packing, single end, single or double end API 682
Centrifugal pump drive type: electric motor, internal combustion engine, steam turbine, etc.
Motor voltage: 380 V/ 500 V/ 3000/ 6000/ 10000
Power: 0.1 to 10,000 kW
Motor protection class: IP 54, IP 55, IP 57, IP 58, IP 58, IP 67, IP 68 and others
Explosion proof version available: IIG T3 / T4 and IIG.
Ambient temperature: -60°C to + 140°C